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Poems On Canvas, painting project, 2023​Since 2017, I have embarked upon a creative journey, utilizing the platform of my iPhone's Notes app to inscribe captivating snippets. These profound contemplations, initially shared as screenshots on Instagram stories, have evolved into a distinctive expression unencumbered by predefined objectives.  


Gradually, these unassuming notes have emerged as the essence of my writing practice, unexpectedly resonating with a diverse audience. In a decisive artistic evolution, I have elected to translate these textual meditations into the realm of painting, fusing them with the aesthetic principles of Swiss contemporary art. Embracing a minimalist and refined visual language, my works evoke a sense of spatial harmony akin to the principles observed in graphic design.​ Drawing inspiration from the rich heritage of Swiss contemporary art, renowned for its emphasis on precision, simplicity, and an acute awareness of negative space, I aim to create a dialogue between the written word and visual art. This symbiotic relationship infuses my paintings with a captivating tension, inviting viewers to explore the interplay of linguistic and visual elements.​By incorporating these introspective musings into my painterly compositions, I seek to challenge traditional notions of artistic expression and forge a unique artistic identity. The resulting artworks engage viewers in a contemplative journey, inviting them to decipher the enigmatic interconnections between language, form, and space.​In this project, I pay homage to the legacy of Swiss contemporary art while charting my artistic trajectory.  


Through a delicate balance of textual introspection and minimal visual language, I aspire to contribute to the ongoing discourse within contemporary art, inviting viewers to ponder the intricate relationship between the written word and the expressive power of painting.

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